Friday, 18 November 2011

Rights of associate member in a CHS

1. Under Sec 27[2] of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, an associate member is entitled to attend the meetings of the general body of the society in the absence of the member.

2. As per Bye-Laws No.34 of the Model Bye-Laws approved by the Registrar on 13/03/2009[Marathi version] and  24/12/2010 [English version], if a property is jointly purchased by a member and an associate member, on the death of the member, only the portion of the property owned by the deceased member can be transferred to his nominee/ legal heir. The share of property owned by the associate member remains intact.Thus the new Model Bye-Laws recognize the rights of the associate member in the property of the society,if the property is jointly purchased by the member and the associate member.

3.As per Bye-Laws No.118[v], an associate member[only joint owner] can contest election to the managing committee after submitting a no objection certificate issued by the original member. Specimen of the no objection certificate is given in appendix-10A in Bye-Laws.   

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rights of member in a CHS

The rights of member in a CHS is as follow

1. A member is entitled to occupy the flat allotted to him

2. Member can appoint Associate member / Nominal member

3. A member is entitled to receive a copy of registered Bye-Laws of the  society on payment of price.

4. A member is entitled to inspect, free of cost, the following documents
   i.   A copy of Maharashtra Co-op. Societies Act
   ii.  A copy of Maharashtra Co-op. Societies Rules
   iii. Register Bye-Laws of the Society
   iv. Last Audited Report along with Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss a/c
   v.  List of member of the committee
   vi  List of member of the society
   vii Minutes of the general body / special general body meetings
   viii Minutes of the committee meetings
   ix   Those portions of the books and records in which the member's transaction with the society are recorded. The member can inspect the documents in the  society's office during office hours or at the time fixed by the society for the purpose
x  A member is entitled to receive copies of  any documents referred to above, if the member make a request in writing and pays the prescribed fees. If the member makes such an application, the society has to furnish the copies to the member within 1 month from the date of receipt of the prescribed fees

5.  A member is entitled to attend the general body

6.   A member contest election for committee and hold office subject to the he/she is not defaulter of society   and other conditions stipulated in the Bye-Laws of the society

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Meeting with Hon. Co-Operative Minister and Commissioner of Co-Operative at Thane

Yesterday [09/11/2011] I meet the Hon. Co-Operative Minister and Commissioner of Co-Operative Department Maharashtra  at Gadkari Rangayatan Theatres in Thane West regarding seminar on Problems on Housing Society in Maharashtra 
In this Minister Assure that whatever Problem suggest regarding Deem Conveyance Registration will also solve very shortly [Regarding this i send him letter which will post later] 
He also agree to separate Co-Operative Housing Society Rules. in present Co-Operative Act since present act it say "Society" which include all co-operative bank, Patpedhi ,housing society and other society  etc which all register under Co-Operative Act 1960
Also  Co-Operative Act 1960 will modified and  some changes has to be done so that many problem will be solved and as United Nations has declared year 2012 as Co-Operative year so Govt. will do changes this Act and make more people friendly 
He also ready to take Rs. 100/- extra as Non-Occupancy charges from member OR 10% of  Monthly Rent which take by member from Licensee As per leave and licence agreement.  
He also ready to remove M-20 Bond and also make change in filling complain against MC At Register Office minimum 1/3 member sign or 10 member sign required since many false  complain  is file At this time. 

Co-Operative Dept. will give guide line Book for Housing Society Very Shortly regarding how to run society

Hope all decision taken At this meet will implement shortly